January 24, 2014 in , Parkour , Take Flight by Adam Dunlap

The brand war in the Parkour world is escalating. I don’t want any part of it. That’s not what I got into Parkour for, and that’s not why I started Take Flight.

Here is a video of long-time Take Flight pro Nikolay Stastolik. Guess what? He’s not wearing Take Flight. In fact, he’s wearing shoes and a hat from WFPF. Do you know how much that bothers me? Answer: it doesn’t. That’s because Take Flight doesn’t tolerate division. Above all, we stand for Parkour and the movement that unites us all in one worldwide community and culture.

For too long now people have used Take Flight as a scapegoat to blame their own issues and intolerance on something beyond them so they could feel like they weren’t the ones creating drama. In that method, some of the most influential Parkour organizations in the world have used their platform to spread hate by creating rumors about Take Flight and even rumors about me personally. One well known organization has even went as far as telling a Take Flight sponsored pro, “If you want to use our Parkour/ADD training curriculum you can’t be sponsored by Take Flight.” It’s actions like these that show the stark contrast behind how Take Flight operates and supports the Parkour world in an open and honest way and how other organizations hide behind their lies and then subtly undermine the unity of the community as whole in an effort to strengthen their brand, position, and financial gain. This truth is only shown more blatantly in the fact that Take Flight is blamed more than any other organization for doing the exact things that we refuse to do (create division), while others are praised in spite of their divisiveness, lies, and financially focused marketing ploys. You know what, though? As upsetting as that was for a while, I don’t care anymore about that. I don’t care who you are or what your name is or what your brand is, or how many followers you have. If you’re going to act that way and undermine what Take Flight is striving for – a united Parkour world – then so be it. Our response is simple – that’s not who we are, and we aren’t going to be involved in that type of drama or partake in those types of actions. In spite of how many try to twist words and actions, we’ve never been a part of that in any way, and we never will be.


This video was originally going to be titled “Move Like A Bullet.” But when I saw Nikolay wearing WFPF, I thought it was a good opportunity to make Take Flight’s stance very clear: we support all Traceurs, Freerunners, Trickers, and all PK/FR organizations. We don’t believe they all operate on the same level of integrity, and we don’t believe they all have the same quality products, or the same vision or method. But one thing is for sure: each one has their perspective following, and each one does their part to inspire others. There’s value in that, and we respect that value even if don’t expressly endorse or come along side them. That’s why we have always posted Parkour videos on our page from all organizations, countries, and teams around the world. And that’s why we’ve titled this video as it is: STOP THE DIVISION. MOVE TOGETHER.

If you want to keep spreading division, rumors, hate and all the rest, then be my guest. But do one thing for me, ok? Stop calling yourself a Traceur, and unsubscribe and unfollow Take Flight from all its platforms in social media and other. Because we don’t want any association with you of any kind.

Take Flight is on the up-and-up. We always have been, and we always will be. While other organizations talk a big game and fizzle, we’re going to the moon because we’ve based our organization on a true history and a true heart that doesn’t falter or change to make people happy. We stood for Parkour by David Belle when some of the largest Parkour athletes and organizations said he was washed up and didn’t have any more influence. Now they’ve changed their tune, but they won’t tell you that. And we stood for our right to produce a great product for Traceurs worldwide when people told us that doing so was selling out. And now they are selling product themselves. But they won’t tell you that either. And if the Take Flight history is any indication, we’ll continue to stand, now and into the future, for the rights of all Traceurs to move and express themselves how they want without being judged by people that don’t know them. I don’t expect the same thing from all Traceurs, because I’ve learned the hard way that the Parkour world isn’t any different from the rest of the world – it’s filled with bad apples as well as good apples, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. But this truth doesn’t mean we at Take Flight won’t continue to work and strive for a worldwide Parkour culture that is universally accepting and supportive. And regardless of the bad apples, I think we can get to that goal of unity. In fact, regardless of the bad apples, I think we are at the goal of unity. You just have to know where to look. Take Flight is one of the places. And this video shows that.