Language. Mathematics. Consciousness.

June 16, 2018 in , Feature slider , The Dream World , Thinking Outside the Box by Adam Dunlap

Language. Mathematics. Consciousness. These are the three evolutions that bred quantum shifts in the human species’ behavior and abilities. This is how one moves from the caves to the stars.

Language. This is what allowed us to communicate at a higher level, store information to pass on to future generations, and develop complex ideas that took us to new places. Without complex language, we are stuck with rudimentary ideas and only what can be translated through imperfect memory and story. Of course, writing, printing, and storing words is an extension of the evolution of language. 

Mathematics. This was the next evolution.  This is the foundation of the scientific inquiry, complex machines, and all level of advanced design. The ability to calculate, test, and predict is based on mathematics. This led us to engineering and number formulas that advanced our understanding of the universe. Without mathematics, our ideas are capped. If you can only count to 4 then how far can society evolve? Combined with language, mathematics was further bolstered.

Consciousness. This is the third evolution, and the one we are currently working on as a species. Said another way – awareness. Consciousness is our awareness of our surroundings; awareness of our feelings; awareness of our ideas, our actions, and others. As consciousness evolves, so does our awareness of things outside of ourselves. Without consciousness we are stuck in the present. Through consciousness, we developed time as well as wisdom and empathy.

Language and mathematics continue to improve incrementally, and in doing so they bring constant advances to society and the world. However, it is the evolution of consciousness that humanity needs in order to make the next step in our evolution.

Some say consciousness is a mathematical concept. It’s plausible. But awareness is not. I’ll save that discussion for another day.

I wrote this in about 10 minutes. In case it seems incomplete, it probably is.