Business Quotes

May 13, 2013 in , Thinking Outside the Box by Adam Dunlap

For years I’ve written down my thoughts and ideas. When they are complex ideas they take on the form of articles. When they are short and succinct ideas I consider them quotes.

I recently went through my old ‘quote documents’ and found a lot of my quotes to be business related. I chose my favorite ones and compiled them here. I’ve kept dates on them because in many cases it shows how I arrived at this concept via my age and what I was doing in my life at this time. That’s probably the most interesting thing about these quotes (remembering who I was and what I was doing in my life when I wrote them). I think that’s the main reason why I’m publishing this.

“What most people don’t realize is that the biggest problem with being self employed is that you can’t fire yourself.” -Adam Dunlap, January 2010

“Don’t assume people are mischievous. Just assume they are dumb. It’ll make your life easier.” -Adam Dunlap, 2006

“…at first you think that working until 8pm is late. But then you start staying at the office until 4am, and then you realize that getting home at midnight is early. That’s how life and perspective change.” -Adam Dunlap, March 2012

“Everything must have a purpose or it is not worth doing.” -Adam Dunlap, September 2006

“The problem is that the more technology advances and the more tools we add to our everyday lives, the more we rely on things that we have no control of.” -Adam Dunlap, November 2006

“How much something is worth is not how much you paid for it but rather how you it costs to replace it.” -Adam Dunlap, December 2006

“You can’t know how something can be better until the take the chance of making it different.” -Adam Dunlap, April 2007

“Some people say that doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I call it persistence.” -Adam Dunlap, January 2008

“Perfections is attainable. I have to believe this, then there is always something to strive for.” -Adam Dunlap October 2006

“Money doesn’t change everyone. Only some people.” -Adam Dunlap, March 2013

“The true businessman is immediately liked upon introduction. He always gives a firm handshake and looks others in the eye. He greets family, laughs at their jokes, he is courteous, and above all always humble. The true businessman always has a smile on his face even if his lips don’t curve at the edges, and he moves with precision as if his every thought were intentional. He is smooth and always knows what to do. And if he doesn’t, then he knows what to say. There is an omniscient and equally perplexing “I [couldn’t care less],” glare upon his face. Everyone knows that he understands the situation, but he’s calm so he will deal with it when the time comes. Most importantly the true business man is confident. He knows that he is where he is because he’s the best. He walks into a place and realizes he’s the smartest, best looking guy in the room and he can have any woman he wants. But he does not advance. Instead he waits, and watches, and listens.” -Adam Dunlap, September 2006