Adam Thoughts #294.

November 25, 2018 in , Adam Thoughts by Adam Dunlap

All thoughts are original. Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of time with family. Not a lot of time to think. Definitely had some ideas I didn’t record.


If everything is rooted in math, then creativity is simply advanced mathematics.


That one hurt. That cost me a day.

If I’m smart enough to get into this situation, then I’m smart enough to get out of it.


Interrogate the Assassin.

It’s a game I invented. Originally called “Interview the Assassin,” we are experimenting with a name change suggested by Madi. I’m not sure if it’ll stick.


1 in 8,192.

Not great odds, but it is bound to happen to someone.

I really wish the acoustic version and quiet style continued after the 2nd verse. Leave it to Lady Gaga to really mix up the patterns.

[Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper]