Adam Thoughts #214.

May 21, 2017 in , Adam Thoughts by Adam Dunlap

All thoughts are original unless quoted.


Watch out for the sharks. Don’t be careless. Don’t be over confident. Being bold for ego’s sake only leads to trouble.


“Don’t let the words trump the truth.” -Ted Rooney


Find a reason to bless someone.

How about this one: it’s not about you.


Whatever we believe, we can manifest. The important word here is “we.”


Be intensely present, observing everything. This is how you remember.


Some of my best thoughts, I never wrote down. I couldn’t figure out how to make them short enough to write down. I couldn’t figure out how to put them into words so others would understand.


You have to want to live more than you want to sleep.


The only people I care about being cool to are 7-year-olds.


Someone to create a universe with.


I’m an angry, gay, Italian, hair dresser. Ok then, lol.


How can I be happy if my family is not happy? What if my family is the world?


Advising someone how to do it, is not the same as doing it yourself. Don’t confuse the two, and don’t think because you can do one, you can do the other.


Becoming an amazing actor and never making it is as praise worthy as making blockbusters.


Looking for amazing. Other people say, “Adam, that’s good enough.” But how could I ever be untrue to myself?


Move on.


We won’t be here forever.


I’m a true villain. The pug proves it.



Find what makes you happy, or learn to be happy with what you have?


Not a lot slips by me, but I don’t always want to believe what I see.


It is rules from society that say what can and can’t be done, but we don’t have to follow them. We get to make our own rules in this world.


Business makes a way or it disappears. That’s all that matters.


Yah I feel you. Life is weird, isn’t it? It’s like we get caught up and go on side life tangents, and then we find ourselves 5 or 10 years down the road and wonder if that was really what we wanted. We have to be smarter than nostalgia and not indulge it. Where we are today is because we made great choices for things we loved. Even with some surprises, which clearly happen, and some mistakes, which also happen, I don’t think we can really be anywhere else than where we are.


“Thinking is dying. Doing is feeling.” -Willie Beaman, Any Given Sunday


Reverse karma


“Northmen Guild’s Code of Ethics”

Northmen guild’s code of ethics

Love what you do

Do what you love

Begin where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can

Honour the elders

Teach the young

Protect and love your family

Keep your craft and your skills strong

Learn from your own mistakes, not only from others

Look for the log in your own eye –

not the splinter in your brothers

Be loyal to your friends

Voice your opinion

Stand your ground

Trust your brothers

Work hard, stay humble

Focus on the detail

Be brave

Be calm

Be patient

Wake up early

Temper your body

Live in nature

Walk in the woods

Climb the mountains

Find time to be alone

Hunt when you need food

Rest when you can

Work when you must

Always leave your mark

Take charge when others show weakness

Have more, spend less

More time, less convenience

Craft, not business

Value, not price

Quality, not quantity

To create, not to produce

Hands, not machines


Take more risks.


“If it wasn’t needed, we had to shut it down.” –Elon Musk


Have faith. You’re getting there.


[The Cure by Lady Gaga]