Adam Thoughts #1.

November 20, 2012 in , Adam Thoughts , Thinking Outside the Box by Adam Dunlap

These might be some things you want to think about. Or maybe not. Either way that’s ok! I’ve thought about them a lot which is why I’ve written them down : )

  • The greatest marketing slogan of all time: land of the free, home of the brave.
  • You shouldn’t be able to vote for higher taxes on other people. That’s just not fair! How does it make you feel to think about someone voting for you to pay higher taxes? : (
  • Total vulnerability is total self-empowerment. I don’t think most people realize that.
  • I say it every time I get sick or am injured (both occasions are super rare, although with that said it’s worth nothing that this thought isn’t very random): it feels so good to feel normal!
  • I love egg nog! It’s my favorite drink by far. Horchata is #2 (from Mexico). Sirop d’orgeat is #3 (from France). Water is somewhere in there too but I’m not sure where exactly.
  • I don’t think many people understand unconditional love. Unconditional love has no conditions. No time conditions. No ‘number of chances’ condition. No circumstantial conditions like the love must be returned. No conditions at all! If love does have conditions, that’s ok. It’s just not, then, unconditional.

  • Patience is not ever needed. If you re living in the moment and loving what you are doing, then what are you waiting for? Answer: when that’s the case you’re not waiting for anything! : ) If you’re not waiting for anything then you don’t need patience. So just enjoy what’s in front of you and there you go. No more “patience is a virtue” nonsense. Instead we’ll say, “following your joy and being excited about life is a virtue : )”
  • I’m not a big fan of turkey. I think I’m going to eat barely anything for Thanksgiving dinner and then eat lots and lots of pie. And whipped cream.
  • Why do we exist? Because we do! The quality of existence is to exist. That’s what existence does! It’s that simple! Existence is not subject to the question “Why do we exist?” The question, rather, is subject to existence because it is formed out of existence. So the answer, again, is we exist because we do : )
  • Death doesn’t kill anything. I think the better word for what we call “death” would be “transformation” : )

P.S. I originally titled this post “Random Thoughts #1.” But I don’t believe in things being random! It’s the same as coincidence which I also don’t believe in. So I then changed it to “Adam Thoughts #1.” I’m sure I’ll share more “Adam Thoughts” soon which is why I gave it the title a #1 : )