Adam Dunlap Punches Little Kittens In The Face

September 9, 2012 in , Projects by Adam Dunlap

It’s horrible I know! But it’s just a title. Here is what happened.

These guys who don’t like Take Flight made a Take Flight hate site called They also created the Facebook page called Take Flight Sucks. I commented on the page and told them that the page made no sense because “…everyone knows that Take Flight is cool!” And I said that in place of that it would make a lot more sense if they created a page called Adam Dunlap Sucks because, “Well, even I would join that page.” And I would actually.

Thanks to Facebook feeds and the ticker updater, a slew of my friends saw the post I made and commented on my comment. My friend Caelan commented with this:

How about a page called, ‘Adam Dunlap Punches Little Kittens in the Face.’

I read it, laughed, and then said, “That’s genius.” So I wrote Caelan a message and a few days later we created the page.

This new page was inspired as a mockery of the Take Flight Sucks site because the ADPLKITF page is a mockery of me, the founder of Take Flight. But a mockery is not what the ADPLKITF page will be. I’ve been wanting to make a Facebook humor page for a long time, and even did once with my friend Moh. That page was called “Astronaut Bear” and it was based on his posts and his humor. When the page didn’t grow he shut it down, and I’ve been looking for the right time to start my own page with my posts and my humor. I’m not the only manager at the moment, so the ADPLKITF page is not entirely me. But I sign all my posts with “A” so you know when it’s me : )

One of the best adjectives to describe me is gentle. Anyone who knows me really well, knows that I don’t like hurting anyone or anything. Even bugs and spiders when they invade my house! I just try to get them to leave lol! So the idea of Adam Dunlap punching kittens in the face? Well it’s so absurd that it just might make people laugh. And our goal is 1,000,000 fans, so if we get there then it means we will have created a lot of laughs.

Adam Dunlap Loves Kittens
I’m not a cat person at all. But I’ve never punched one. And I think the only exception to that will come if one a day a tiger tries to eat me.